“Molinos Innova”

Communication of the second edition of the contest.
  • The contest has national scope and rewards ideas that, through the development of products or improvement in technology and processes, help Argentines eat better. 
  • Strategy based on 3 stages: 
    • Pre: Preparation of a comprehensive plan for traditional and digital PR, development of press materials (Key Messages, Q&A, Press Release), ideas and subsequent production of Press Kit, proposal and hiring of jurors. 
    • During: Dissemination of the press release and management of publications and press releases with spokespersons of Molinos, coordination and execution of sending press kit to journalists and influencers, proposal of profiles and subsequent generation of agreements and brief to influencers content creators, proposal of conductor of award event, subsequent hiring and briefing,  Script writing, jury hospitality and conductor at the event. 
    • Post: sending of winning statements and management of notes. Management and results report. 


publications in traditional media
5,4 M
total publication reach
$4.2 M
advertising value
1,2 M
total range in networks