#Sticked to the Bresh by Always

The launch of the new Always’s Comfort Finas wipes supported by a Wow action!

Launch Always’s “Comfort Finas” wipes by a Wow action bringing to the forefront the new Benefit: Glue that will hold the wipe well attached in place during use but without excess that can leave residue and damage the underwear.


To launch it, we decided to "stick" to the Bresh because it’s the most beautiful party in the world and because it represents a lot of what we are: the freedom and authenticity to decide what or who you’ll stick to. But, above all, with the certainty that whatever you choose, it will be okay, and we will be there for you.

We did a 360 action in which we involved consumers, influencers, clients, and employees under the #fulllpegadas.

Influencers: Part of our squad (Mica Lapegue, Brenda Mato, Luli Gonzalez, Chopa Montoya and “fracasitos”) attended the most beautiful party in the world hand in hand with Always. They gave it their all! They danced, were the life of the party at the Always Moment, generated a lot of content, and above all, they had fun together!

Teaser: Sending a fanny pack and wipes to make them super comfortable and ready for the party.

Raffle: Each of the influencers raffled off tickets to the Bresh.

Employees: An internal raffle for tickets was held, achieving 40 P&G employees attended to the Bresh by Always.


  • Always realized a ticket raffle for consumers promoted on its Instagram account and by the Always squad.
  • Glitter booth to enjoy the party full of glitter.
  • Photo opp with a chance to win 1 year of products.


Attended to the party
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