We accompany the Gavi Alliance

Providing advice and communication support in Agentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru for the COVAX mechanism.
  • Monitor, provide advice and communications support for the COVAX Facility, whose mission is to ensure the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in developing countries. In addition, also strengthen the dissemination of the initiatives of the GAVI Alliance in its mission to save lives and protect people's health through the equitable and sustainable use of vaccines. 
  • Through a team of senior consultants specialized in health, reputation and crisis management issues, and located in the main countries of the region, the exhaustive and daily monitoring of COVAX and GAVI publications and mentions is carried out. From it, response mechanisms, clarifications and distribution of information on statistics and initiatives carried out in each territory are activated. Proactively through interviews and opinion columns, we also work on the positioning of issues that promote people's health care, such as the importance of Routine Immunization and the Contribution of the Private Sector, among others. One of the indicators that allows us to measure the results of the careful work carried out by the Alliance both in the region and globally is the International Aid Transparency Index published by Publish What You Fund. In 2022, this entity has recognized Gavi for improving its overall performance and for consistently publishing its data in the index. With a score of 87.1, the alliance was included in the "Very Good" category, reaching a higher score than in 2020, reflecting the organization's continued commitment to building and improving systems and processes that advocate transparency. 


International Aid Transparency Index published by Publish What You Fund