We are a team specialized in Storytelling that collaborates with private, state and civil society organizations to create their narratives and to be able to tell them effectively to all their audiences. We work on their discourse territories and train their spokespersons and speakers, both internal and external.


Why is it important to incorporate storytelling in your communications?

We want to share information, but audiences are not necessarily interested in it or want to remember what we need to tell them.

As humanity whe have found that the best way for information to circulate among people, to be learned, incorporated and shared, is through stories. Stories bring together data with emotions.

They are a way of wrapping ideas so that they have a greater and better impact on the audience and to achieve the communication objectives we seek.

What can you achieve with this training? Who would benefit from it?

Although we all learn to tell stories since childhood, usually in our workplace we forget this knowledge and we tend to transmit information in less effective ways.

When we use storytelling techniques we recover the knowledge we already have and we also raise awareness of it. We enlight the structure of storytelling and we collaborate with the teams so that they can do it in their own way, so that they can create their own narratives. We also train them so that the formal aspects (design, images, but also their own body, voice and look) add value and are an essential part of  conveying ideas successfully.

Everything can be told with stories and the impact of information, data and ideas is greater when it comes within them. No matter if they are real stories or fictional, personal stories or heard from someone else, they make the audience get involved rationally and emotionally.

Improving the skills to assemble and tell stories that have a clear purpose can be the key to communicate better, to persuade, inspire, entertain or even sell.

What are the applications?

These techniques can be used to strengthen team leadership, in HR management, marketing, education, and in formal or informal presentations. We help organizations and individuals to discover the tools they can use in each case and for each communication occasion.


Customized coaching

for specific communication occasions (a TED style talk, a panel of speakers, townhall, etc.).
3 one-on-one meetings.

Difficult conversations

Personalized meetings or up to 30 people.

Development of the narratives

for a specific executive in the organization (e.g. CEO Narrative, one-on-one meetings with the CEO).
3 individual meetings.

Institutional narrative development

Consulting and development.
4 working meetings.

Development of a narrative

for a specific communication occasion (a launch, a meeting with distributors, an event with journalists, etc.). Consulting and development.
4 working meetings.

Storytelling 1,2,3

Workshop for large audiences.
Face-to-face or digital platform.
For more than 50 attendees.

The path of stories

Training for speakers – the journey of the speaker.
4 working meetings.
Individual or small groups of up to 5 people.

“Stories are leverage for ideas. The better your story, the longer your lever.”

Nathan Baugh




Graduated in Social Communication at the University of Buenos Aires, specialized in Public Opinion and Advertising. With 20 years of experience in the public relations sector. 

MBA in general management from Universidad de San Andrés, with specialization in general management.

Co-founder of Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc. She worked with government agencies such as the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Nation, the Ministry of Economy, the Secretariat of Human Rights on issues of economic, social and cultural rights and collective incidence. Since 2012 she is part of the TEDxRíodelaPlata team and speaker coach.

In this subject she has coached ordinary people who have done extraordinary things, people who wanted to tell their daily stories, CEOs of multinational companies, entrepreneurs, celebrities, public officials of Argentina and the region.


She works in Storytelling training, coaching speakers within companies and organizations. With the experience of TEDxRíodelaPlata and more than 20 years of organizing events, she has a clear perspective of the role of speakers in the narrative of the event in general and in the development of inmersive experiences.

She was executive producer on the TEDxRiodelaPlata team organizing all events between 2010 and 2021, and for 10 years led BMotion, a production company specializing in congresses and corporate events.

She was the general coordinator of Instituto Baikal, a non-formal education company, between 2020 and 2022, where she led the digitization process due to the pandemic, resulting in opening up to the global market.

In her own transformation process, she deepened her knowledge on speaker coaching, working with experts from different fields in the preparation of TED talks for TEDxRíodelaPlata events while continuing to develop this task in companies and other organizations.