Los Grobo presents new own-brand corn and wheat seeds

In order to offer the best products with the latest technology, Los Grobo Agropecuaria (LGA) has just launched new private label seeds such as the corn hybrid, Grobo 1924 THS and a new variety of wheat Grobo Juramento.

“With these launches we hope to generate more value for the producer by complementing the wide portfolio of corn, wheat, barley, sunflower seeds that we offer to the Argentine market,” said Martin Sackmann Varela, Manager of Innovation and Technical Development of LGA.

Grobo 1924 THS is a long-cycle maize hybrid, similar to the well-known Grobo 1923 BTRG, but with more complete protection against the main isocas that attack maize crops, Diatraea, Spodoptera frugiperda (fall armyworm) and Helicoverpa Zea (earworm).

With this material, the company expects to extend the frontier of sale of hybrids of its own line to the north of Córdoba, Entre Ríos and north center of Santa Fe. It has a high yield potential and very high prolificacy, in medium to low density plants it is a key compensation factor. This campaign, all LGA corn hybrid seed will be cured from origin, with a novel and unique proposal for the corn market, which combines, in addition to the highest performance insecticides and fungicides, a bio stimulant, Vitagrow with Status Zinc, both Rizobacter products.

On the other hand, Los Grobo Juramento, is a short-cycle wheat variety, very adapted to the southeast and west region of Buenos Aires, with an interesting planting window, and with very high yield potential. It is a quality group 2 and comes to compete directly against the best varieties of the same cycle. This year Juramento was included in some official rehearsals, with an outstanding behavior, despite the climatic difficulties of the campaign. 

“For the line of own wheat varieties we hope to have Professional Seed Treatment, more sustainable, more modern and different from what is commonly used in the market, combining the high efficiency of Trichoderma, with other biostimulant products, PGPR and micronutrients, to encourage root development, health and yield from the very beginning of planting”,  said Guillermo Alonso, Technical Seed Specialist of the Los Grobo Group.

“Los Grobo Agropecuaria is present at the productive level in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Córdoba,” said Juan Balbuena, Seed Coordinator.

“These launches complement the portfolio of seeds of Los Grobo, such as Grobo Limay and Grobo 1923 corn, positioning us as a more competitive company with the best quality standards as it has been doing in its more than 35 years of life” concluded its CEO, Enrique Flaiban.



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