UCEMA relaunches its brand with a new identity

In their quest to be recognized as one of the most prestigious academic communities in Latin America, UCEMA has undertaken a collaborative effort with a renewed internal team and a group of specialized external agencies in the fields of communication, branding, design, and digital content such as SuperMarket, Shake Again, Lion/Ergo, and Alurralde Jasper & Asociados. This has resulted in a renewal of their identity, with a mission that is clearer than ever: to educate well-rounded professionals who contribute to building a freer, more prosperous, and just world in an environment of innovation and excellence.

Symbolizing this rebirth, the new image features the Phoenix as a representation of the institution’s commitment to constant excellence and innovation. Freedom, trust, excellence, merit, innovative culture, and integrity are the values that underpin their decisions, guide their actions, and define their conduct.

“A container was created as a logo that, at the same time, does not have defined borders but is expansive. And it is this minimal unit that represents each one of us and our values with strength and personality. From the strength of this minimal unit, the container joins others to create and innovate,” says Sofia Garat, Director of Communication and Marketing at UCEMA.

Rethinking oneself is a provocative process, and therefore, part of the objective is to spread the enthusiasm with which the University approached its process, inviting everyone to reflect on who we are and where we stand. “Being able to choose who we want to be in a responsible way is a commitment to ourselves but also to our environment,” Sofia Garat continues.

It is an invitation to be motivated, with creativity and simplicity, to be who we want to be in every moment and every decision.

About UCEMA:

The Universidad del CEMA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1978. For four decades, it has been shaping leaders for the business, political, and academic world. Currently, UCEMA offers twelve undergraduate programs and more than seventy postgraduate programs. All the master’s and doctoral programs are accredited by CONEAU, and additionally, the MBA is the only one outside of Europe to have the advanced accreditation from the prestigious European agency AMBA (Association of MBAs).



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