With a $7 million investment, Sanofi brings to life its new Quality Laboratory in Argentina.

Sanofi inaugurated its new Quality Laboratory located in the La Cantábrica Industrial Park, Municipality of Morón (Buenos Aires). The opening ceremony was attended by Mariano Schlottmann, General Manager of Sanofi for the Southern Cone; Céline Giusti, Minister Counselor of the French Embassy in Argentina; and Lucas Ghi, Mayor of Morón. They toured the premises and facilities where the quality management process takes place.

The newly built laboratory by Sanofi carries out physicochemical and microbiological quality controls. It is located on a 1,700 m2 site and is dedicated to quality control for a wide portfolio of medications for various pathologies.

“It is a pride to share this historic moment with Sanofi, a French company that works with a strong commitment to improve global health,” expressed Céline Giusti.

The construction of the laboratory took two years, from 2019 to 2020, and features top-quality construction and internationally advanced equipment technology. It involved a $7 million investment, with approximately 70% allocated to infrastructure and construction and 30% to equipment.

Lucas Ghi highlighted the importance of the laboratory for the area, stating, “This project brings prestige to the region, Morón, and particularly to this industrial park, of which we are immensely proud. The inclusion of a company like Sanofi continues to enhance it. This initiative is in line with the expansion project of the park that we are carrying out with the national government, the province, and the municipality, to attract many more companies. We continue on this path for the productive development of our district and the region.”

Mariano Schlottmann emphasized Sanofi’s long-term commitment to Argentina, stating, “The new quality laboratory is a demonstration of Sanofi’s commitment to the health of patients and Argentine society. Sixty percent of the equipment and supplies acquired are of domestic industry, and 49 companies were involved in the construction process. The project was an enormous effort that required over 100,000 work hours and involved 225 people, including suppliers, direct and indirect workers.”

Schlottmann further explained that the choice of the area and site was a strategic decision for the company since 80% of the laboratory’s employees live in the western area of Greater Buenos Aires. Currently, the laboratory employs 40 people, including professionals, technicians, and support staff from different outsourced services.

The quality laboratory is an essential project for Sanofi to supply the local medication market, as products require strict quality control before being released, both for imported batches and those produced in Argentina.

“We have designed a laboratory exactly as we dreamed, with everything required by regulations and more, to be prepared for growth and to analyze new molecules,” explained Andrea Bertolini, Quality Manager at Sanofi.

In conclusion, Schlottmann expressed gratitude for the commitment and perseverance of the team involved in this project, stating, “Despite the unforeseen situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced a four-month pause in construction, the plan was successfully carried out thanks to the tireless and persistent work of the entire team.”

Laboratory in figures:

  • The construction of the new laboratory took 2 years and involved over 100,000 work hours.
  • 225 people were involved in the project, including suppliers, direct and indirect workers.
  • The project involved 49 local companies.
  • The investment in infrastructure and equipment amounts to $7 million.
  • The laboratory tests over 120 products in various presentations.
  • The laboratory has over 200 state-of-the-art technology equipment.



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