Beach Bottle Head & Shoulders

New ways to reduce environmental impact #NoDejesRastro #OceansWithoutPlastic CHALLENGE Launch of the first recyclable shampoo bottle made of plastic collected from different beaches around the world with the presence of the new ambassador, Diego Boneta. PR PERFORMANCE Management of exclusive interviews with the main media in Argentina (La Nación, Revista VIVA, Infobae, Telefé) with Diego […]

P&G. No more poor

Contributing to education The awareness campaign also included men. CHALLENGE Contribute to fewer girls and adolescents missing school days because they are going through their period. . PR PERFORMANCE / Always® campaign for more girls to say PRESENT. An initiative that combines information, education, awareness and delivery of menstrual hygiene products. / Participation of brand […]

BASF invests in Argentina

Commitment to innovation A new Center for Innovation and Technological Development for Agriculture CHALLENGE To ratify the company’s commitment to Argentina and its drive for innovation and sustainability in its value chain. PR PERFORMANCE Through the inauguration of the new Center for Innovation and Technological Development for Agriculture in the town of Rojas (Province of […]

Olympic torch in Buenos Aires

A 33-day global trip. It was the first time in history that the Olympic flame had passed through the city. the only destination in Latin America and the only Spanish-speaking country. CHALLENGE / Transform the torch relay into a celebration for local citizens. / May it be an example of peace for the world. / […]

P&G. Clean water for children

P&G developed a technology that transforms contaminated water into potable water. As part of its social responsibility strategy P&G runs Clean Water for Kids, a program that provides #ABetterDay through the power of clean water. CHALLENGE Maximize the efficiency of Argentina’s PR program through social media with an exciting video. PR PERFORMANCE Through a PR […]


Situación: Con el fin de fortalecer su vínculo con los periodistas, Quilmes llevó adelante un plan de relacionamiento con un abordaje creativo, con el objetivo de generar una experiencia de marca. Estrategia: se buscó capitalizar fechas especiales como Día de Amigo, Día del periodista, aniversario de los medios, eventos deportivos en lo que los que […]